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ProCare CPD in partnership with, Bridge 2 Aid .

Bridge 2 Aid

Across the developing world, people live in inescapable, excruciating pain because they lack access to emergency dental care. Bridge 2 Aid are a dental charity whose aim to provide emergency dental care in a world where over 70% of the populatrion do not have access to basic dental care. 

The ultimate goal of Bridge 2 Aid is to enable training in emergency dental care for Health Care Workers in all remote rural communities of developing countries. Their vision is a world free from dental pain.

Bridge 2 Aid train rural-based Health Workers in developing countries, providing them with the skills, equipment and resources that they will need to provide emergency dental care.

Bridge 2 Aid need your support (funds, time, resources and talent) to help them do this. Hopefully their website will provide you with the details you require in order to make your difference, and help Bridge 2 Aid find a way out of pain for millions of people currently living with no hope of treatment.

By eliminating pain and suffering we can improve both quality of life and livelihoods in a growing number of communities in the developing world.

ProDental is proud to support this initiative as a Unity Partner, we have funded the training for two Health Care Workers.

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