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ProCare CPD in partnership with, Cathedral Archer Project.

Cathedral Archer Project

1980’s Sheffield was a decade of decline. Its industry reduced at an alarming rate leaving in its wake rising levels of unemployment, poverty and poor health.

 By 1989 Sheffield Cathedral had become a regular place of shelter for people who had nowhere else to go and nothing to do. The congregation responded by providing them with a basic breakfast.  Alan Turner, a Church Army Captain, was tasked with overseeing the breakfast and working with those who attended. The Archer Project quickly established itself as a city centre venue where homeless people felt welcome. What started as tea and toast served by members of the Cathedral congregation has developed and expanded into a holistic service designed to help homeless people to improve their lives.

In 2007 we moved in to our own purpose build premises within the Cathedral containing showers and laundry services, interview rooms for 1-1 work, a lounge area with computers, a professional kitchen, a medical room and an education/activity room. It has allowed us to work with many other agencies and provided a service of greater breadth and depth than we were previously capable of.

Today we continue to think carefully about the best ways to help homeless people to lead fulfilling, stable and enjoyable lives.

Our basic services include 1-1 support and signposting, provision of in-house nurse and dental clinics, and access to hot food and showers. We run a programme of activities to help people learn skills and enjoy new experiences and gain accreditation. We offer a structured volunteer programme to help people to grow their confidence and increase their employability. We received Investing in Volunteers status in 2013.

In this way the Cathedral Archer Project helps homeless people achieve a better life by supporting them to:

- Develop their independence
- Improve their ability to tackle setbacks 
- Improve their ability to identify and change negative behaviour 
- Improve their wellbeing

ProDental is proud to support the Cathdral Archer project as members of the Breakfast Club.

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