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C792 Dementia Awareness

Despite the fact that most people will be touched by dementia at some point in their lives, the general publics' understanding of the condition, and how it is managed, is poor.

We want to start to increase understanding, break down stigma and show some simple things that you can do to help people with dementia live well.

All NHS staff are required to have received dementia training by 2018, according to the Health Education England Organisation.

Duration:     2 Hours

About this Course

In this module we will look at dementia - its causes, symptoms and ultimately the impact that it has. We will also look at how to recognise the signs of dementia, how to communicate with someone who has dementia and how to deal with challenging behaviours.


    Online course for the care team to increase their awareness of behaviours associated with dementia.


    On completion of this module you will understand and recognise the symptoms and behaviours that dementia sufferers display, this will enable you to communicate and provide appropriate care for dementia patients.

C792 Dementia Awareness Course Contents


This module was rated 5 out of 5 stars.

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thank you I found it very intresting and larened a lot
- This module was rated 5 out of 5 stars.
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