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C001 End of Life

The End of Life Care Strategy, published by the Department of Health in 2008, identified a number of significant issues affecting death and dying people in the UK.

Some people die as they would have wished, but many do not. Many people do not die in the place that they would choose to: many do not receive the best care at the end of their lives; and there are many reports which show that people in their time of need have not been treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve. In this learning module we'll look at what you can do to make the final stages as peaceful as possible.

Throughout this learning module you will be asked questions to help you learn and to determine what you already know. There will also be some short quizzes to check what you have learnt throughout the module.

Duration:     2 Hours

About this Course

This learning module will introduce you to the ways in which you can support your residents through their final days, ensuring that they receive the death they want and deserve.


    • To explore how to provide dignified care for terminally ill patients
    • To review how to asses pain and manage any subsequent medication
    • To understand the different religious views on death and dying
    • To recognise when a person approaches the very end of their life


    On completion of this module you will be able to provide your patients with dignified care as they approach death, you will be able to appreciate their religious views and recognise the signals of the patient approaching the end of their life.

C001 End of Life Course Contents


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