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C795 Food Safety and Hygiene (Level 1)

It is essential that anyone who works where food is made, prepared or sold has a good understanding of food hygiene, even if they do not handle food.

Comprehensive health and safety training is a legal requirement for those working with consumables: Food Safety and Hygiene Level 1 provides a good understanding of food hazards and food poisoning; covering contamination, personal hygiene and cleanliness in the food preparation area. It also looks at safe storage and waste disposal.

Whether you operate in Catering, Hospitality or Retail, this programme explains the hazards associated with poor food hygiene, and what to do to keep food safe. Ensure best practice and work towards legal compliance in just 60 minutes.

Duration:     1 Hour
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About this Course

In this learning module we will look at why it is important to keep up good standards of personal hygiene, how to make sure your food preparation area is clean, the essentials of safe food production and the ways in which you can store food effectively.


    • To understand your role in reducing contamination
    • To understand the importance of a clean work area
    • To understand the importance of personal hygiene


    On completion of this module you will understand the importance of your personal hygiene, ensuring a clean work and food preparation environment and your role in reducing contamination.

C795 Food Safety and Hygiene (Level 1) Course Contents


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